AIS Shore Station - PSS

IDC-AIS Shore Station FSS in PSS configuration is a cross-redundant AIS shore station with high reliability and full redundancy on all components. The shore station exeeds all the requirements of international AIS base station standards and provides all the features required for surveillance and management of vessel traffic.

The AIS shore station includes two IDC-AIS Shore Station FSS (Fixed AIS Station System) including one base station transponder and controller in each FSS unit and one PAD (Power and Antenna Distribution) unit.

The AIS shore station will automatically switch over to the stand-by FSS unit if the active one goes down (hot stand-by). The AIS shore station can also use the controller and base station transponders crosswise in case of dual failures of hardware. This solution gives extremely high MTBF and availability and a very low mean time to repair, reducing the need for unscheduled maintenance. The calculated MTBF of the AIS shore station is more than 3 000 000 hours, provided faulty units are replaced within 72 hours. The PAD unit contains a VHF antenna switch which can be used when only one VHF antenna is required. If dual VHF antennas are used at the installation site, the VHF switch can be bypassed by connecting directly to the two IDC-AIS Shore Station FASS units VHF antenna ports.

The AIS shore station provides a number of remote functionalities, including configuration, software updates, virtual targets and more. Other functions are, local storage of AIS messages, local target filtering and SNMP. Power management is also integrated in the PAD unit. This feature makes it possible for the user to remotely switch the FASS units power on and off, giving the operator full control.

Optional Features
The AIS shore station is designed for operation in secure mode by handling encrypted AIS data. The secure mode enables secure communication between shipto shore station and the control centre. By adding the secure modules to the network software, encryption and decryption can be managed between the users in a secure AIS network.

The AIS Shore Station can be supplied with a third AIS channel as well as increased receiver sensitivity.