Data Store

DataStore provides a backend database and front-end user application for logging, playback and filtering of NMEA and NMEA-formatted data.

Features & Functionality
Data Store can be deployed as a service for local applications (e.g. ICAN’s on board a vessel) or deployed as a shared service (e.g. vessel monitoring center) for use by all users within an organization. Data stored in the AIS database can be queried and played back into both ICAN or other applications.

Data stores and timestamps all NMEA data for advanced time based filtering and playback. The replay function can be controlled to jump to specific dates and times as well as change the rate of playback.

Supported databases include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Server Express

Optional Modules
Enhanced Playback – Provides a host of user-defined playback capabilities including serial, file and TCP/IP output, user authorization, talker ID filter, capability to load and save filters, NMEA viewer, and user defined recording time period.

Remote Connections – Unlimited number of remote user connections, support of PIDS messaging (Control & Status Messages),inputs and outputs NMEA, DataStore format including metadata.

Synchronization – Provides synchronization with other base station databases and other DataStore instanceswith redundancy.

AIS & Ownship Filters – Provides filters for AIS message type, geographical area, data source, MMSI, and target vessel (e.g.,SOG, IMO number, call sign, destination, etc).

Function Message Filters – Provides filters for function/message type, international message support, (including number of persons, VTS tracks, met/hydro, and inland AIS).

AtoN Filters – Provides filters for floating aids, fixed aids, position status, and proprietary messages (including battery power and light status).