Horizon is shore-based vessel management solution designed for vessel traffic and monitoring centers. It is the cornerstone of  AIS suite of products and has been proven to increase the safety, security and efficiency of operations within a port.

Provides a complete AIS interface that includes the ability to view and track all vessels, display specific vessel information, and send and receive safety related and text messages.

Interface and display of AIS related information offers port operators a substantial leap forward in their ability to communicate and interact with sea-based vessels. Since is fully configurable, operators can adjust the display of information panels, customize color patterns for AIS targets, and set entry and exit alarms specific to each user. Operators can also use multiple fixed view option to toggle between screens and monitor several areas or display various activities within the port

Features & Functionality
Quickly view static, dynamic and vessel related information. With the click of a mouse, you can query an AIS target and view their heading, speed, cargo, country flag, etc.

Configure guard zones to mark areas that are dangerous, restricted, or which need to be monitored.

Target groups give you the ability to color code AIS data based on ship type or individual MMSI’s.

Set warning alarms to alert the user of entry, exit, speed, zone collision, anti- collision, anti-grounding for a user defined zone.

With Enhanced Monitoring and Messaging, Horizon an email or SMS message can be sent indicating a zone alarm.

Optional Modules
Vessel Tracking Database – Contains both Vessel Information Database as well as the Vessel Planning Board; Logging and time stamping for easyAIS query and playback.

Enhanced Monitoring & Messaging – Offers sophisticated AIS communications functions such as anti-grounding and anti-collision alarms.

Radar Overlay High resolution, real-time radar image overlay, for use with such applications as SAR, iceberg detection, obstacle avoidanceand coastal surveillance.

Nav Aids Management – Facilitates the management of fixed and floating aids to navigation; provides both text based information and real time visualization of marker buoys and other aids to navigation

Ocean Insight – Assists with traffic analysis by providing vessel passing line statistics and traffic density plots.