Electronic Charting Systems

Regulus II - Aldebaran II
As ICAN’s core ECS software, Regulus II is designed with advanced navigation and communication features, and supports any two official chart formats for use by professional mariners anywhere in the world.

Key features of Regulus II include full integration with AIS, search & rescue, route planning & monitoring, configurable zones, event-based alarms, light levels, real-time data logging & playback, and integration with external hardware devices (D/GPS, sounder, heading, autopilot, etc.).

Aldebaran II is ICAN’s most advanced ECS with all of the features of Regulus II and more.

Aldebaran II supports multiple chart formats simultaneously and includes real-time data logging & playback, administrative options, long range interface, support of TCP/IP communications, manual chart corrections, route verification, critical points, multiple guard zones, and SAR drift offsets.

Additional features coming soon to Aldebaran II include a Vessel Tracking
Database and a Message Manager.

Search & Rescue (SAR)
SAR capabilities are built into Regulus II and Aldebaran II. SAR patterns include and and can be edited to refine your search criteria. ICAN’s AIS display capabilities and radar overlay can significantly reduce search time by quickly and accurately locating the exact position of distressed vessels. Man Overboard (MOB) conditions are quickly accessed with a hotkey which activates the MOB alarm. A MOB window displays all relevant information including: the precise location of the event, range & bearing from vessel, time to reach and time in water which can then be transmitted to all vessels in the AIS network.

Customized Solutions
Recognized that no two customers are the same. That’s why we take great pride in offering software that exactly meets your requirements. ECS software includes a strong list of features that act as a stable base for adding any of your required customized functionality.

Add-on Modules

ICAN offers superior navigational aid servicing and record-keeping for maritime administrations connecting to vessel-based systems. ICAN’s NavAids module facilitates the management of navigational aids and enhances the process of buoy tending for vessels of all sizes.

Radar Overlay
The Radar Overlay module is used in such demanding applications as search & rescue, iceberg detection, obstacle avoidance, and coastal surveillance. A real-time radar image is overlaid on your electronic chart to provide a complete image of the marine environment.

ICAN’s Survey module utilizes specialized survey and data collection tools to provide the ability to plot parallel leg survey routes, display MRE bathymetric data, and log any or all data in the underlying Microsoft Access database.

ICAN’s 3D module graphically displays the contours of the ocean floor with super precision and clarity. Vessels equipped with a NMEA sounder can add sounding data to existing ISF charts to ensure you have the most current and accurate charts available.