Power Supply

It is the power supplying which is necessary to provide 21,6 – 31,2 V DC power  for system to operate.

Within the system there are two  access points providing 220V – 24V operating voltage.The system has a power switch unit in order to prevent damage in case of sudden riseor loss in voltage.

On the unit board of power switch, there are two suitable electric fuses for each power access.The system is able to feed from two different sources.During normal operation mode, 220V/50Hz source is used and VDL6000C/A is operated with 220v AC/24V/DC transformer in circuit.As a secondary supply, 24V DC is used and in normal mode, the secondary source is not used.In case of primary source cut off, the relay on power switcher board lies and it connects the direct 24 V DC back up source to the system.