Warship Automatic Identification System ( W-AIS)

Warship Automatic Identification System, is the type of AIS system which is adapted to war ships.

WAIS is set up by connecting a Class A type AIS device to  a laptop and software encoding message and extra data transmissing opportunities.

WAIS  system is composed of a receiving-transmitting unit, connection unit, laptop connected to the system, GPS, VHF antennas and a specific software which is buried into the system.

WAIS system operates within the criteria ““Resolution MSC.74 Annex-3 Recommendation on Performance Standards for an Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS)” issued by IMO (International Maritime Organization).

WAIS system user interface uses a software which will operate on an externally connected laptop system .

The aim of the software is, to show  data received from WAIS system on a demanded format maps and to show the data in a manner and color corresponding the requirements of the contract. Besides, programming of WAIS systems is realized within the interface.

System has its own GPS receiver in order to find the ships’ positions. Using GPS, information such as the velocity or direction  of the ship.Besides, there are external interfaces to receive necessary information from the other systems of the ship.

AIS systems are the autonomous systems those broadcasting continously.The ships equipped with AIS systems (transponders) are communicating with each other without an operator entry.The purpose of AIS systems is the identification of ships, the follow-up of the ships for raising the security of seas, recruitment for percieving the situation and supplying efficent navigation.

WAIS laptop software is a program to provide and show user  the map, showing the operating  information of AIS and AIS device operation information.

Primary functions and features of software are given below:
  • Uploading of maps to the system and proceeding with the user instructions.
  • Showing the interface data on system and informing up the user
  • Entry and changing of the parameters which belonging to war ships