AIS Basic Repeater

IDC-AIS FSS Basic fulfills all the requirements of international AIS standards and provides all the features required for extended vessel traffic surveillance.

Long-range, low power consumption and alternative power sources drastically limits the need for infratructure investments.

The AIS Shore Station provides a number of functions, including filtering of AIS targets by selection of MSG type and/or filtering of a defined area.

Further more the AIS Shore Station can be equipped with dual antennas.

The AIS Shore Station is also available as a Repeater Station, which is an ideal gap-filler at remote and isolated locations.

The dual antenna configuration allows the Repeater Station to receive and transmit on directional antennas. This greatly improves coverage and distance in an AIS network.

IDC-AIS FSS Repeater Station is the perfect choice when implementing an AIS network where extended coverage at remote locations are required.