ALEX-SISTEMI S.P.A., we bring together technology and engineering to create solutions for the benefit of our customers. We deliver the forward-thinking answers our customers require to succeed in a world in action. We are driven without compromise to bring our customers quality solutions during all design and planning steps.

ALEX-SISTEMI’s innovative technologies and products can rely on sophisticated process control systems that help ensure the efficient, safe and high-quality production. We move beyond standalone products to create integrated solutions that incorporate world-class technologies with superior engineering.

ALEX-SISTEMI S.P.A.can supply:
  • Integrated systems in Defence, Space and Air Traffic Control sectors
  • Solutions for Oil & Gas Plants
  • Solutions for Disaster Recovery
  • Metallic carpentry
In Defence, Space and ATC technologies ALEX-SISTEMI able to develop, manufacture and test the following products:
  • Systems for aerospace and air traffic control applications
  • Command & Control airtransportable Sheltered equipped systems (fixed & expandable)
  • Airtransportable Ground Control Stations (UAV Unmanned Aerial Vheicle applications –Predator & Falco Systems)
  • Radar Sheltered Systems
  • Logistic Sheltered solutions
  • Consolles, Cabinets & Racks (GCS consolle)
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (M.G.S.E.)
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment (E.G.S.E.)
  • Satellite Transport Container (Globalstar 2)
  • Electrical boards and energy stations
  • Antenna Systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Levelling and lifting Systems
  • Launch ramps
  • Telescopic poles
  • UPS

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