AIS Shore Station - Advanced

IDC-AIS Shore Station - FSS - Advanced fulfills all the requirements of international AIS standards and provides all the features required for surveillance and management of vessel traffic. It is easily configured to the specific needs of individual customers, with an embedded controller providing extensive processing and logging functions.

All functionalities and its required components are integrated into one compact unit. IDC-AIS FSS provides a number of remote functionalities, including Shore Station configuration, software updates, virtual and Aids To Navigation targets, power on/off and more.

Other functions are; local logging of AIS messages, local target filtering , replay of AIS data, AIS data catch-up (ensures delivery of data at network congestion or disconnection) as well as SNMP.

Thanks to the integrated design IDC-AIS FSS is easily installed and requires minimum space.

IDC-AIS FSS offers high availability and low cost of ownership and is the perfect choice in any AIS network or stand-alone operation.