Class A System

The data link communication covers identification, position, destination and other required static, dynamic and voyage related data.

Situational awareness which caanot be provided by prior AIS is provided by IDC-AIS CLASS A. It increases individual ship’s safety and decreases unnecessary calls by positioning and identifying ships. IDC-AIS Class A system provides SOLAS compliance and certified by BSH.

  • Developed by SOTDMA technology
  • Provides information exchange of ship’s identification and navigational status
  • Information are  processed in ARPA radar and electronic chart system visually
  • Gives information of draught, cargo type and manoeuvre capability limits
  • Provides excellent situational awareness
  • Provides text messaging through screen presentation of other vessel’s call sign
  • Provides long range reporting support
  • Has the retrospective recording feature through Datastore
  • Includes Position (COG,SOG), direction ((HDT Gyro Compass), Turn around speed (ROT) sensors
IDC-AIS CLASS A system consists of Transponder, Minimum Keyboard & Display and Connection Unit.