Advanced Ground Station

IDC-AIS Ground Station - Advanced has been developed for advanced ATM applications that depend on time-critical data communication where predictability, reliability and redundancy is required.

The ground station is a key component at the airport for realising the highest level of operation in A-SMGCS.

The system supports services such that a complete gate-to-gate operation can be realised. These services include ADS-B, TIS-B, FIS-B, Point-to-Point, DGNSS augmentation (GNS-B) and INFO-B.

The ground station operates in accordance with the ICAO standard for the VDL Mode 4 digital radio link. Together with mobile transponders, an integrated system for communication, navigation and surveillance services is created.

The ground station is designed for several operational alternatives, e.g. local services and wide area network solutions. System applications are based on the VDL Mode 4 digital data link and IP protocols.

The ground station can easily interface with other surveillance systems through the standardised Asterix protocol, enabling a complete surveillance picture at the airport derived from several sources.

Ground stations and a ground-based network will provide increased functionality and capability for wide area coverage of advanced ATM applications.

The functionality of the ground station is tailored to system-specific service applications by its software configuration.