Class B CS System

IDC-AIS CLASS B CS device has the functionalities that fit the requirements of IMO and IEC like navigational security, search & rescue and control of fuel without private consumption tax; according to notification issued in September 11,2007 by Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs.

This is a functional device which has PS receiver including remote controlled automatic power change, sensor input of fuel tank (NMEA), DCS channel and saves all data of navigation on Contactless smart card. IDC-AIS CLASS B CS is SOLAS compliant and BSH certified.

  • Manufactured by CSTDMA technology
  • Receives and transmits position, identification, fuel information of the vessel and calculates approximate fuel consumption and writes on smart card in every 30minutes.
  • Sends information messages in problems like accident, failure, security, safety and health
  • Receives information of traffic organization applications, restricted area and entrance and exit of restricted areas. Applies the rules required and broadcasts related messages in case of violation of rules
  • Broadcasts in 2W and 12.5W. Adjustment of output power by remote control and changes automatically in regions that shore station defined
  • Fishing vessels can see all the vessels except fishing vessels and can receive/transmit  messages
Maintenance and Interfaces
  • IDC-AIS CLASS B CS can be connected to ARPA radar or the ship’s chart systems with an interface
  • IDC-AIS CLASS B CS consists of Transponder and Contactless Smart Card Unit. But system includes 7” optional  display.