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News From IDC

• On 16-18 September 2010 at FUTURE FİSH EUROASIA, IZMIR,

• IDC Defence Industry Inc. will carry out the opening of their 20.000 m² covered area R&D and M&D facility in which maximum grade domestic capabilities and sources used at the second half year of 2011.


IDC-AIS  Systems, your offshore friend.

Always “Right ID, Right Position, Right Route”

AIS Systems

It provides situational awareness offshore. It offers infinite solutions to follow sea.

Class B CS System

It is a irrevocable sysytem for all commercial ships and fisher crafts working at cabotage line and harbour expedition.

Class A System

Secure utilization at all over the world seas for all the ships obliged to have AIS which are 300 groston and heavier, for all commercial and passenger  ships not crusing international expeditions of 500 groston and heavier, according to the International convention for Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS).


It ensures a higher level security at all over the world seas by providing the highest level of situational awareness of Naval Forces.

Helicopter System

It provides complete operation by continuous  data transfer on time from the search and rescue region.